GL 12

Twelfth International Conference on Grey Literature

National Technical Library, Prague, Czech Republic, on December 6–7, 2010

Transparency in Grey Literature
“The Twelfth International Conference on Grey Literature will provide a global forum for stakeholders in government, academics, business and industry to come together on issues formulated in the GL12 program. This year’s proposed themes accentuate the transparency in grey literature and the almost seamless processes of research, authorship, publication, indexing, as well as, the uses and applications to which it is exposed in knowledge based communities. Many of these processes are the same faced by commercial publishing, where only the differences lie in grey tech approaches to high tech issues.” (FARACE, Dominic. GL12 Conference [online]. 2010 [cit. 2010-08-13]. Acessible from <>).

Conference Program

Photos from the Conference

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