Producers of grey literature

Research Institutions (Academy of Sciences, Public Research Institutions, Private Research Organizations)

They produce grey literature in the form of annual reports, bulletins and newsletters, information and promotional materials, outputs from grants and projects, etc. Although they try to publish most of their work, different types of grey literature are emerging (e.g. research report, study, analysis, statistics, etc.), which is desirable to publish and archive for future use. These institutions also organize or, through their staff, participate in both Czech and international conferences, from which is conference paper or book of proceedings a standard output, a type of grey literature balancing on the edge between published and unpublished literature.

Grant agencies

Their task is to provide targeted support for research projects, to collect from a professional point of view the key and important type of grey literature - project reports (partial, progress and final reports). Thanks to the close cooperation with the Academy of Sciences and the universities, it has been shown that reports from projects often containing valuable information are a type of grey literature that is almost inaccessible to experts.


Belong to the most important grey literature producers. The basic type of grey literature are university academic theses, ie bachelor, master, rigorous and habilitation. Other types of grey literature, such as annual reports, research reports, studies, analyzes, and research and grant reports, are also emerging at universities.

Libraries, museums and other memory institutions

They produce annual reports, studies, analyzes, research and finding reports, presentations, proceedings, information and promotional materials on the institution, field or region, etc. They can provide other types of grey literature through their funds (e.g. fund of trade literature in NTK).

Authorities of state administration, self-government and other bodies of public administration

In addition to legal regulations, decrees, decisions, budgets, etc., they create different types of grey literature. In particular, there are annual reports, status reports, statistics, yearbooks, analytical and evaluation results, surveys, etc. All of these materials are currently available on the institutions' websites but they are not permanently stored anywhere.

Businesses, firms, business organizations and companies

In addition to the annual reports, they publish a specific type of grey literature called trade literature, which are documents for informing the public about the products, services or activities of the organization (e.g. catalogues of trade fairs and exhibitions, catalogues with production programs of companies, company magazines, corporate jubilee publications, guides and manuals). Companies and corporates also focus on research and development, they also create research and project reports, studies, analyzes and strategic plans.

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