NUSL and International Cooperation

Cooperation with GreyNet

GreyNet (the Grey Literature Network Service) was created in 1992. The aim of this organisation is to facilitate communication between individuals and organisations producing grey literature. Its main activities include the International Conference Series on Grey Literature, the creation and maintenance of web-based resources, a moderated Listserv and combined Distribution List, The Grey Journal (TGJ), and curriculum development.

NTK is institutional member of GreyNet and contribute to the GreyGuide (online forum and repository of good practice and resources in grey literature) too.

Cooperation with other repositories

NUSL provides metadata from the digital repository to other open access repositories and registres:







NUSL provides central access to information on grey literature produced in the Czech Republic in the fields of science, research and education.

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NUSL is operated by the National Library of Technology in Prague.